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Monday, 30 May 2016 17:32

Seminar Internasional Respirologi

The rapid growth of knowledge in basic scientific principles and their applications to respiratory medicine has resulted in the establishment of many scientific symposiums and workshops concentrating on different aspects of pulmonary science and clinical medicine. As clinicians, numerous diseases and illnesses affecting and influencing thoracal organ are frequently found in daily practices. Various range of diseases from mild to severe, complicated and critical, would require immediate care and comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. 
Medicine is a broad discipline of sciences which encompass critical medical science and independently differentiable from each other. Internal medicine consists of 12 science divisions that includes emergency and critical care medicine. This broad scope covers both multisystem and multiorgan thus requiring a holistic approach. A team of clinicians that range from consultants, specialists and general practitioners, would need to gather together to look into critical care medicine problems. Scientific forums would facilitate medical practitioners, scientists and researchers to share and update one another with new information and knowledge.
The Jakarta International Chest and Critical Care Internal Medicine (JICCCIM) is a scientific forum that enable those in the related field to gather and educate each other about their knowledge, findings and approaches in their various expertisement. 
This annual symposium and workshop is held by Division of Pulmonology and Critical Care, Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, Central Hospital of Cipto Mangukusumo. Following the success of The JICCCIM 2015, the upcoming symposium is set to be held in Jakarta from 26th to 27th of March 2016. World class medical practitioners and academicians will provide and share clinical expertisement on respirology and critical care medicine.
JICCCIM 2016 aims to address advances in studies and updates on respirology and critical care medicine, covering topics from theoretical to practical issues and applications. During the symposium a forum will be held for medical practitioners,scientists and researchers in academia and medical practice, to present their most updated clinical theories and skills, research results, and development activities in all aspects of Respirology and Critical Care. It will also provide opportunities for participants to exchange and share experiences and new ideas thus establishing a network and research relation with global partners for future collaborations.
This event will highlight cutting edge issues and new technologies that are important to all practitioners in the field. Unique cases shall be presented in the Grand Rounds, with reading materials and displays also made available for participants to browse through.
We aim for this event to improve the knowledge and skills of all participating physicians in managing critically ill patients with multiorgan disturbances, in hope it will improve the competence and qualifications of the Indonesian internal medicine physicians and increase the patient’s faith and trust.