Saturday, February 23, 2019

Departemen Ilmu Kedokteran Komunitas

The Department of Community Medicine is one of 32 departments of The Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, one of the oldest and foremost medical-school in Indonesia. The Department of Community  Medicine itself has a long historical background since the Dutch colonial period as part of the history of the medical school. Started as the Queen Wilhelmina Institute of Hygiene and Bacteriology before World War II, it became the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine after Indonesia got its Independence. In late 70’s, after the separation of the School of Public Health from the department, this department developed into the Department of Community Medicine.  With the change of name of the Department, the structure, vision, mission and educational programmes have also changed.

VISION AND MISSION: The vision of the Department, is to become one of the leading institution in the education of Community Medicine in the Asia –Pacific region in 2015

The mission of the department is to: Improve the quality of life and health status of the people through the development and application of the science and technology of community medicine through education, research and community services

Main task of the department :

  • Conduct academic and professional education in community medicine, including public health aspects for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students, to increase the number and quality of medical and health human resources
  • Conduct research in the field of community medicine, to identify and solve important public and community health problems
  • Develop improved models in providing quality primary care services to individuals and communities.